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Oxwich to Rhossili

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Saturday 21 February 2015

The Gower peninsula begins at the doors of Swansea and has been classified in the late 50's of UK's first Outstanding Natural Beauty. We went there last weekend to hike for 20 kilometers from Swansea to Oxwich (photos supposed to come soon).
Today we walked 17 kilometers from Oxwich Bay to Rhossili!
The weather is simply gorgeous and the day starts under the best auspices. After that the bus left us in front of the coastal path, we started to discover the coast.
By lack of time and imagination I spare you comments and descriptions and I let you look at the landscapes which seem to never end…
All along the walk, we met sheeps enjoying the sun while fulling their stomach with one of the best grass on earth (I will personnaly try the local speciality: the "Welsh Cake").
The beaches are really nice and I really want to go surfing… The temperature is unfortunately pretty cold... but not for the irreductibles Welsh.
RhossiliNear to Port Eynon we discovered, squizzed between two cliffs, Culver Holes. This cave is full of history and there are dozen of stories about it. We could hear about pirates hidding their treasures inside, house pigeon for the Port Eynon citizen, a defeated prince who decided to live as an hermit etc. Some mammoth bones where found inside as well as Roman pottery. We couldn't get in, due to our lack of equipment, but you can see what it looks like from outside.
RhossiliWithout transition, I let you having a look to other landscapes of the area.
At the end of this beautifull day, we arrived at our final destination: the gorgeous Rhossili Bay.

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