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St David's

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Saturday 9 May 2015

Our road trip in the West of Wales continue and I would like to take you this time to the very pretty St David's cathedral.
St David Cathedral
This cathedral is one of the oldest of wales and has been built by the normands during the 11th century. It is build on top of an old monastery founded by saint patron's of Wales: Saint David, during the VIth century.
St David Cathedral
St David Cathedral
The place has been attacked multiple times by vikings raids (more than 7) and the last one goes back to 1080. We can still visit the ruins of the Bishop's palace near the cathedral.
St David Cathedral
St David Cathedral
We won't be able to visit the inside of the cathedral today because we arrived too late but it is going to be a great reason to come back there!
I leave you with one more last view of this nice place. Our road trip reaches its end !
St David Cathedral

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