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Monday 3 August 2015

Our Croetian road-trip continues in the capital: Zagreb! Located on the north of the country the city has a population of less than 700 000 persons, which represents 15% of the total population. In summer it has the advantage to be not too touristic compare to the rest of Croetia. The town is splited in three different suburbs : Gornji Grad (the Upper Town), Donji Grad (the Lower Town) and the New Town. Today's visit will be short since we enjoyed the charms of this beautifull city an afternoon only.
ZagrebHere is a picture of the 175 year's old Croetian National Theatre (and myself posing in front, thanks Juliette for the picture!).
ZagrebZagrebZagrebZagrebOur walk takes us in front of the wonderful St Stephane's Cathedral, dedicated to the virgin assumption. I am only showing you pictures of outside because we were not allowed to get in with our shorts (35°C but we should wear pants, congratulations!).
ZagrebZagrebZagrebZagreb was made of two towns that merged together: Gradec and Kaptol. The intersection of those cities is today a pedestrian coffeet-lined street. You want to stop in all of them!ZagrebZagrebWhen going up to the Gornji Grad (Upper Town) we found a profession that we imagined over for decades, the light-man.
ZagrebAfter this emotional moment we arrive in front of the Saint Mark's church, one of the most emblematic monument of Zagreb. The tiled-roof represents on the right the Zagreb emblem and, on the left, the medieval coat of arms of Croetia, Dalmatia and Slavonia.
ZagrebIn Zagreb there exists some weird museums, I will take the Museum of Broken Relationships to illustrate my sentiment.Zagreb
ZagrebThe view from the belvedere of the Kula Lotrscak's tower
keeps one's promise...ZagrebZagrebZagrebZagrebThis is already the end of the day and we have to leave for new adventures... Zagreb was simply beautiful and I hope to go back there to visit the hundreds of places and things we haven't seen! This is a must to-do.Zagreb

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